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Think your kids are too old to need your help at school?

When parents are involved:

Grades and test scores improve!

There are fewer discipline problems at home and at school!

Kids are less likely to use tobacco, drugs, or alcohol!

Middle school students are more likely to continue on and graduate from high school!

Kids are more likely to attend great colleges and universities!


*Membership dues are $5.00 and cover your entire family for the school year. Cash or checks made out to Sardis PTO are accepted. All proceeds go to support your child’s school and the PTO functions that we sponsor! Your membership dues are tax deductible.*


Parent’s Name _________________________________________________


Student’s Name ________________________________________________


Teacher’s Name ______________________________ Grade ____________


Phone Number _________________________________________________


E-mail Address _________________________________________________

(Your information is completely confidential and will only be used for PTO purposes.)


I would like to volunteer to:


_____ Be a room parent.

_____ Serve on the Teacher Appreciation Committee (once per month).

_____ Serve on the Fundraiser Committee (eat-out nights, Beads for Buddies, etc.).

_____ Clip Box Tops for Education (at home).

_____ Help at Bingo Night (twice per year).

_____ Help at Chip’s Holiday Store (one week in December).

_____ Run the School Store (Thursday mornings).

_____ Shelve books in the media center.

_____ Help during Field Day (one day in the spring).

_____ Help with whatever you need!

_____ __________________________________________________________________________________

            (Tell us how you’d like to help!)

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